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Why $599?

Why Pay more if you don’t have to?

Today the penalties for Driving Under the Influence (DUI or DWI),  no longer consist of just a small fine and lenient sentences. The penalties in place now for a DUI can be more severe than for many felony offenses. California laws defining the offense, the legal procedures and the evidence have grown incredibly complex and difficult to understand for those not in the legal profession.  This is the time to seek legal representation. Representing yourself or relying on an overburdened Public Defender could result in significant costs and others penalties far exceeding our fees.

We Keep DUI Fees Affordable…
Today, many cases settle within the first two appearances. Joe Torri believes that settling a case should not cost thousands of dollars.  On the other hand, thorough representation including several court appearances, motions to suppress evidence, DMV representation,  toxicology screenings and other procedures for your defense, often result in higher fees, but generally is required to defend a case you choose to fight.

Keep in mind with all DUI bookings and eventual release, you must also schedule a DMV administrative license suspension hearing within 10 calendar days.  


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**generally includes two court appearances, negotiations and settlement.

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