Adopting a child can be a beautiful experience that completes your family. However, the process is often long and fraught with complicated issues. Joseph Torri has provided legal assistance to clients in Whittier and the surrounding areas for several years and has assisted numerous clients in successful adoptions.

General Information about Adoption in Whittier

There are several types of adoptions in the state of California and other states. Some forms of adoption in California include:

  • Stepparent Adoption
  • Domestic Partner Adoption
  • Independent Adoption
  • Agency Adoption
  • International Adoption

Each type of adoption has its own set of rules and complex issues. Stepparent adoption or domestic partner adoption occurs when the stepparent or domestic partner wishes to adopt the child of the spouse or domestic partner. A stepparent or domestic partner adoption requires for the noncustodial parent to sign over his or her parental rights in order for the adoption to occur. An agency adoption occurs when a licensed adoption agency or the California Department of Social Services is involved in the case, while an independent adoption means that no type of adoption agency or other agency is involved in the process. An international adoption signifies that you will be adopting a child from another country and will need to comply with the rules of the country where the child resides. Adopting a child can be a long, expensive and stressful process. Contact The Law Offices of Joseph Torri to find out more information about the adoption process.

The Adoption Process in Whittier

The couple who is adopting the child will need to complete several steps before they will be able to legally adopt a child. Several forms will need to be completed and submitted to the court clerk for review. In addition to the standard adoption forms, you may need to complete additional forms that are based on your local California County's laws. You may also need to complete additional forms if you are adopting a Native American child or if you want an open adoption in which the biological parents will be able to have some access to the child or her progress. After your forms are filed, you will then need to serve the other birth parent with adoption papers to receive his or her consent, if applicable. The next important step is to meet with an investigator. This individual is a neutral party, often a social worker or court investigator, who will complete a thorough report regarding the potential adoptive parents. The court investigator will submit his or her report to the court. You will also schedule a court date to have a hearing regarding the potential adoption.

Seeking Assistance with Adoption in Whittier

An experienced adoption attorney can assist you throughout the adoption process in several ways. An attorney can assist you in completing adoption forms and preparing for the investigation. An adoption attorney can also assist you in finding the other birth parent and convincing the court that the adoption is in the child's best interest if the parent contests the adoption. Your attorney will also represent you during the court hearing.

If you are completing an adoption or if you are considering adopting a child in Whittier, contact The Law Offices of Joseph Torri at (866) 630-5757 for more information.

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