Child Visitation

After a couple separates, one of the most important issues that need to be settled is child visitation rights. It's a touchy subject that requires deft handling by attorneys who are knowledgeable in family law. They will be able to help you formulate a sensible parenting plan. The Law Offices of Joseph Torri is among the leading law offices in Whittier, California. We have years of experience in custody and visitation rights and we will help settle any of your disputes for the benefit of the children.

California family law prefers that both parents maintain custody because it allows the children to see each parent as often as possible. Developing a visitation schedule is important when both parents share custody.

Developing a Child Visitation Schedule

Making a parenting plan should be handled with care. An attorney will make a draft that contains the specifics of everyday custody, which includes:

  • The time allotted to each parent
  • The place where the children may be picked up
  • How any deviations from the regular schedule should be handled

When making a parenting plan it helps to have a lawyer who can foresee and prevent potential trouble spots within the schedule to avoid conflicts down the road.

Respecting each other's time with your children will foster harmony and trust between both parties in your divorce. The parenting plan should include what is to happen when one parent asks for a cancellation or does not show up at their scheduled pick-up time. Since some financial burden may come with these scheduled visits, this aspect of the custody agreement should also be addressed in advance.

Assistance in Upholding the Parenting Plan

The transfer of custody between parents can be tricky so it is important that both parents strongly adhere to the schedule. The child should be ready at the agreed upon time and the parent who is to make the pick-up should be there on time, as well. There should be a window of time for each parent, to allow for unexpected occurrences. Both parents should agree upon the amount of time in the parenting plan.

With the help of a lawyer it will be easier to make detailed holiday schedules. Holidays can disrupt the regular parenting plan, so these should be taken into account and provided with their separate schedules.

It's best for parents to reach a settlement out of court because it will keep the courts from dictating the terms of visitation for your children. With a parenting plan, the divorced couple can continue to see their children at times convenient for them and agreed upon by them.

If you are in the middle of a divorce and want to discuss making a parenting plan for child visitation rights, call The Law Offices of Joseph Torri to speak to an experienced attorney.

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