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If you need help with any area of family law including divorce, adoption, child custody or child support, contact The Law Offices of Joseph Torri in Montebello. We can help you resolve your issues as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Family problems can be complex and gut wrenching. We understand. We have helped numerous clients deal with these sensitive family law issues and we can find you a suitable solution.

Changes in the family structure can be fraught with pain and emotional landmines. You need a law firm with compassion and experience dealing with these sensitive areas. The Law Offices of Joseph Torri has helped countless clients all over the Montebello, California area handle these types of personal issues and move on with their lives with as little disruption as possible. Take advantage of our free consultation and let our caring, experienced staff to help you resolve these thorny issues.

Family Law

Family law is a group of laws which address family-related matters. They are designed to help maintain family harmony and help regulate domestic relations. The areas covered include but are not limited to:

  • Adoption
  • Alimony
  • Annulment
  • Child Abuse
  • Child custody
  • Child Support
  • Civil Unions
  • Divorce
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Juvenile Adjudication
  • Paternity testing
  • Spousal Abuse
  • Surrogacy

These can be complex issues which are near impossible for you to handle on your own. It requires compassionate and competent legal representation from an experienced attorney well versed in these matters.


Divorce is the process of dissolving a marriage. It ends all legal commitments and responsibilities agreed to in matrimony. The legal process involved in this action is often complex, especially if there are the issues of alimony, child maintenance payments, custody of children, property distribution and the division of debt to contend with. It is wise for both parties to seek legal counsel familiar with California laws to guide them through the process. Agreements made during this process are legally binding and can affect the lives of those involved for many years to come.

Child Support

Child support is the payments made by a non-custodial parent, whether male or female, after the dissolution of a marriage and for the benefit of the children involved. These payments are made paid directly or indirectly to the parent with whom the children live. In cases with joint custody, the parent with a higher income may have to make child support payments to the other parent. These payments are often decided on during the divorce proceedings. The amount of and frequency with which these payments need to be made should be negotiated with the help of an experienced attorney.


Adoption is a process which legally allows a person or a couple to assume the parenting of a child. This process permanently gives all rights and responsibilities formally held by the original parent or parents to the adoptive parent or parents. It is intended to be a permanent change in status and requires the help of a lawyer to ensure all relevant laws and statutes governing the process are followed.

A Caring, Compassionate, Experienced Family Law Attorney

The Law Offices of Joseph Torri offers free consultations to anyone facing legal issues related to their families. We provide high-quality legal representation at affordable prices and can help you resolve these complex, gut-wrenching issues quickly. Our caring, compassionate staff works hard and provides each client with personalized attention. We use our knowledge and experience to give you the best legal advice available during these trying times. We are there when you need us most.

Family law issues can be very difficult for you and your family members. We understand and offer a range of solutions including counseling, mediation and if all else fails, a vigorous defense to ensure you are treated fairly. We know decisions related to dissolving your family can lead to painful, dramatic changes in the lives of you and your loved ones. Please contact us for a free consultation so we can look at your circumstances and help you make the best decision for everyone involved.

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Regain Peace of Mind

Our family law attorneys understand how difficult it is when one parent unjustifiably withholds children from the other parent or communicates a desire to move away with the children to another state or county. Obtaining child custody orders from the court will prohibit a parent from taking unjustifiable action. Also, our divorce attorneys know how important it is to divide community property, and to establish or defend against spousal support and child support. Rely on us to zealously argue for a fair and just outcome.