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Laguna Beach Child Custody

Laguna Beach Child Custody Lawyer

Laguna Beach child custody has two parts under California law: physical custody and legal custody. Joint custody allows the parents to have joint physical custody and joint legal custody. However, the court can award joint legal custody, and not award joint physical custody. Under physical custody, one parent may be granted sole physical custody where the child would reside with and be supervised by one parent. Under joint physical custody orders, the parents share physical custody, and the law ensures that the child have frequent and continuing contact with both parents.

Sole legal custody allows one parent the right and responsibility to make decisions about the health, education, and welfare of the child. Joint legal custody allows both parents to share these rights and responsibilities. California law does not establish a preference for sole or joint custody in contested proceedings.

There are considerations the law establishes in making Laguna Beach child custody awards. Public policy of California is to ensure the minor children frequent and continuing contact with both parents. Also, custody orders must be made according to the child's best interest. Domestic violence and a history of abuse will be considered by the court in determining the child's best interest. Move-away/relocation cases arise when one parent seeks to move to another jurisdiction. The court must evaluate the child's need for stability and continuity. Move-away/relocation cases are generally hotly contested.

Spousal Support/Alimony Lawyer

California spousal support can be temporary and long-term. Temporary support can be awarded while a dissolution or legal separation is pending. The court may award an amount depending on he party's need and he payer's ability to pay. Judges typically use the support software when ordering temporary Laguna Beach spousal support.

Long-term Laguna Beach spousal support may be ordered by the court in any amount, and for any period of time that the court deems just and reasonable. In making a determination for support, the court must base its decision on the marital standard of living. The court must also consider the extent to which each party's earning capacity will maintain the standard of living established during the marriage. The complete list of factors the court must consider are found in California Family Code section 4320.

Limited Scope Representation

California attorneys are allowed to provide Laguna Beach limited scope representation to clients involved in family law and civil cases since it was approved by the Judicial Council. Many parties to family law and civil litigation actions would like the help of an attorney for parts of their cases, even if they cannot afford full representation. Attorneys may appear at court hearings even if the attorney did not prepare the legal paperwork. In contrast, attorneys can prepare legal paperwork, but do not have to appear in court if the cause of action actually gets to the point of having court dates. Most people find that having an advocate at the court hearing helps alleviate additional stress that is naturally created with litigation.

Laguna Beach Divorce Lawyer

A Laguna Beach divorce is more than the end of a marriage. How the issues are addressed will affect your life and impact your loved ones. Family dynamics and finances are complex. When confronted with a divorce, the future feels uncertain and overwhelmingly complex.

You need a Laguna Beach divorce lawyer that is well versed in California State divorce laws. We are accomplished, experienced, and compassionate Laguna Beach divorce lawyers, able to handle the most complex and involved cases.

With Laguna Beach Divorce Lawyer Joe Torri on your side, you can move forward with confidence and breathe a sigh of relief.

About Laguna Beach, CA

The area now considered Laguna Beach was inhabited by local Indians in earlier times. These Indians named the area Lagonas, which translates into lake. They flourished on the freshwater canyon lakes and rich coastal lands that made up the region.

Visitors were making their yearly trek through the canyons and over rutted trails to camp at Laguna Beach every summer by the late 1800's. Laguna Beach had become a very popular tourist destination with a hotel named Hotel Laguna by the time painter Norman St. Claire arrived from San Francisco in 1903.

Much the same as any tourists of any era, Mr. St. Claire returned home with landscape paintings and glowing reports about the area that led his fellow artists to follow him south. Before long Plein Air artists such as California marine artists Frank Cuprien and William Wendt relocated to Laguna Beach. The population of Laguna Beach was approximately 300 people within a few years. About half of this population was artists.

Artist Edgar Payne established an art gallery in 1918. Mr. Payne's art gallery eventually became known as the Laguna Art Museum, which was one of the first art museums in California. Also in 1918, the White House Restaurant was opened and, during the 1920's, the Laguna Playhouse opened. Near the downtown area, summer cottages were everywhere on the landscape.

Early during the Great Depression years the art community struggled. After the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1932, in an attempt to attract additional business to the community, the Festival of Arts staged its first show near the Hotel Laguna.

Hollywood filmmakers were rapidly becoming interested in Laguna Beach. Hollywood stars such as Mickey Rooney, Charlie Chaplin, Rudolf Valentino, Judy Garland Mary Pickford, and Bette Davis all maintained a home in the community. Ozzie and Harriet Nelson also joined them sometime later.

Numerous servicemen who were stationed in the region during WW II apparently liked the coast of Orange County and, later on, many of them came back to live. In 1948, the Surf and Sand restaurant opened and quickly became popular with a long list of noteworthy personalities such as Billy Graham, Joe Namath, and Peter Ustinov.

The Main Beach Boardwalk was converted into a beach park that was open to the public by the 1960's. There were other changes as well during the 1960's. Some artists considered that the Festival of Arts was being overly restrictive when they accepted exhibitors and started the Sawdust Festival, and the Art A Fair, which followed a year later to focus on new mediums and traditional arts.

Laguna Beach had its share of the hippie culture being an art colony during the 1960's. However, eventually a new group of people showed up that got national recognition known as the White House Press Corps.

The White House Press Corps lived at the Surf and Sand during the years when Nixon was the President and visited his home in San Clemente. Fledgling reporters such as Diane Sawyer, Dan rather, and Tom Brokaw were frequent guests. Reporters would do their reports in front of the hotel from the beach.

Environmentalists made an effort to create a greenbelt of preserved land around the community while Orange County was continuing to develop during the 1980's and later. They bought some land and other land was donated by the Irvine Company.

These days, Laguna Beach is a resort town in every sense of the words. The latest addition to the community is the Montage Laguna Beach. This beach also attracts the Hollywood crowd. Heather Locklear is a sometimes resident.

Both visitors and locals can enjoy the sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, explore tide pools much the same as long ago when the early artists, Spaniards, and local Indians did. Nowadays, they can also stroll in the new public park that was developed with the Montage.

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